Toffee China

Toffee China Apron

Anyone who has spent some time in South Africa, especially within the Afrikaans culture, will recognise the ‘zap sign’ also known as the ‘toffee sign’. The gesture is a thumb wedged in between the index and middle finger and is often used as a good-natured insult similar to giving the finger.

The sign is thought to have originated in Italy and Southern Europe during the times of the Romans.

The term ‘China’ derives from Cockney rhyming slang ‘China plate’ meaning ‘mate’ and was introduced to South Africa by early British immigrants.

This design was created especially for the Saffers (South Africans) wanting to showcase some South African humour.

The design was used on:

  • Clothing (T-Shirts, Hoodies etc.)
  • Home Goods (Mugs, Coasters etc.)
  • Stickers and Magnets
  • Stationery (Notebooks, Journals etc.)
  • Accessories (Bags, Masks etc.)

Merchandise with this original design is available from the suppliers below. Don't forget to look through them all as they often have special offers at different times.